pamela scott arnold, ace





       The Weight

         Editorial Consultant

       Producer/Director Etienne Sauret

           9to5: The Story of a Movement

            Editorial Consultant

            Directors Julia Reichert/Steve Bognar

        Terra Pesada

            Editorial Consultant

            Last Gasp Productions

            Producer/Director Leslie Bornstein

        Where Elephants Rule

            Consulting Editor

       Director Louise Hogarth

       Producers Louise Hogarth, Lynn Webb


           In Search of Israeli Cuisine  (documentary)

            A look at Israeli culture through food

            Sherman Pictures

            A Menemsha Films release 2016


            With Michael Solomonov

            Producer/Director Roger M. Sherman

            Producer Karen Shakerdge

       The Only Real Game (documentary)

           Winner Best Documentary

           New York Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival 2013

            The Only Real Game Movie Release

            About the baseball loving populace of war-torn Manipur, India

            Co-editors Maxwell Anderson, Adam Zucker

            Written and directed by Mirra Bank

            Narrated by Melissa Leo

            Producers Laine Valentino, Muriel Peters Richard Brockman, Mirra Bank

            Executive producer Abigail E. Disney, Fork Films

        Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune (documentary)   (CLIPS)

            A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors) Eddie Award Winner

           Best Edited Documentary for Television (for TV version)

           #4 of Rotten Tomatoes best reviewed movies of 2011

            First Run Features Release

            also released on television for American Masters



            feature doc on 60’s protest/folk singer/songwriter Phil Ochs

            Producer/director Ken Bowser

        Poster Boy

             Shallow Pictures

             with Karen Allen, Michael Lerner, Jack Noseworthy, Matt Newton

             Zak Tucker, Doug Keeve (uncredited), directors

             Dolly Hall, producer, Stanley Buchthal, executive producer

        Vibrations           (" instant camp classic..."-Entertainment Weekly)


             with Christina Applegate,  James Marshall

             Michael Paseornek, director,   Dan Lieberstein and John Dunning,  producers

        Emma & Elvis

          ("Don’t miss this one! A fresh & funny linking of the 60’s & 90’s" Gus Van Sant)

             Northern Arts release

             with Kathryn Walker,  Mark Blum,  Jason Duchin

             Julia Reichert,  director,   Brenda Goodman, producer

        Home Remedy               (3 comedy."-Martin & Porter)

             Kino release

             with Seth Barrish

             Maggie Greenwald, director,   Kathie Hersch, producer

        Eat & Run

             New World Pictures release

             with Ron Silver

             Chris Hart, director,    Jack Briggs, producer

        Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam

             ("2 stars-…a couple of genuine guffaws."– L.  Maltin

             "3 stars-A fun and whacky journey..."-Martin & Porter)

             WEB Distribution release,

             with Jim Varney ("Ernest")

             John R. (Buster) Cherry III, director,   Coke Sams, producer



         The Age of Aerospace (Season 2 Episode 1): The First Space War

            Discovery/Science    1 hour documentary on GPS and Communications Satellites

            Executive Producer Mark Obenhaus

            Producer Susan Schaefer

         Hitmakers: The Changing Face of the Music Industry

            PBS     1 hour documentary

            Executive Producer Terry Stewart

            Producers/directors Carol Stein and Susan Wittenberg


            CNN  8 hour series on the challenges facing Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

            Executive Producers Marc Levin, Mark Benjamin, Laura Michalchyshyn,

            Robert Redford

            Directors Marc Levin, Mark Benjamin

         Nashville 2.0: The Rise of Americana

            PBS     1 hour documentary on Americana music (Alt-country and more)

            Executive Producer Terry Stewart

            Producers/directors Susan Wittenberg and Carol Stein

         Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle

            PBS     3 part series on the history of comic book superheroes

            Episode 3: Anyone Can Be a Hero

            Producer/director Michael Kantor,   Sally Rosenthal, producer

         Makers: Women Who Make America  (view full episodes)

             Part III: Charting a New Course

             PBS  Ark Media   3 hour doc on the history of the Women’s Movement

             Producer/Director/Writer Barak Goodman, producer Jamila Ephron

         Serving Life

             Winner Christopher Award, Humanitas Award 2012


             OWN  2 hour doc on the Angola Prison Hospice program

             Producer/director Lisa Cohen, co-producer Jeca Taudte

             Executive Producers Forrest Whitaker, Molly Fowler

         Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune  (CLIPS)

            A.C.E. (American Cinema Editors) Eddie Award Winner

           Best Edited Documentary for Television (for TV version)


            First Run Features Release

            also released on television for American Masters



            feature doc on 60’s protest/folk singer/songwriter Phil Ochs

            Producer/director Ken Bowser

         Through a Dog’s Eyes  (view full episode)

            PBS doc on assistance dogs and the dog-human bond

            Director Peter Schnall, producer Margaret McEvoy

         The Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story   (CLIP)


            co-editor with James Lester

            feature doc on legendary record producer Arif Mardin

            Producer/co-director Joe Mardin,  Co-director Doug Biro

        Make ‘em Laugh   (CLIP)


            PBS     6 part series on the history of American comedy

            Episode 6: Sock it to Me? Satire and Parody

            Producer/director Michael Kantor,   Sally Rosenthal, producer

        Carrier  (view full episodes PBS)  (view full episodes Hulu)   (CLIPS)

            PBS     10 part verite series following a six month deployment of the

                aircraft carrier USS Nimitz to the Persian Gulf

     Episode 4: Squared Away

     Episode 10: Full Circle

     Producer/director Maro Chermayeff, series producer Jeff Dupre

        American Masters: Atlantic Records: The House that Ahmet Built  (CLIPS)

            (Edited Picture and Music)


            (shared with Richard Fairbanks-sound effects)

            PBS   2 hour program about Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun

            Susan Steinberg, producer/director,  Susan Lacy executive producer

        Frontline: The Persuaders   (view full episode)   (CLIP)

            PBS  Ark Media      90 minute program about advertising

            Rachel Dretzin, Barak  Goodman, producers,  David Fanning, exec. producer

        Frontline: Failure to Protect Pt. 1: The Death of Logan Marr   (CLIP 1) (CLIP 2)

        Frontline: Failure to Protect Pt. 2: The Caseworker Files        (CLIP)

            (DuPont award winner)

            PBS  10/20 Productions      2  one hour programs on child welfare

            Rachel Dretzin, Barak  Goodman, producers,  David Fanning, exec. producer

        American Masters Special: Yours  For A Song-The Women of Tin Pan Alley

            (Picture and Music editing) 

            PBS   Terry Benes,  producer/director,  Cal Skaggs, Susan Lacy, exec prods.

        American Masters: Don Hewitt-90 Minutes on 60 Minutes   (CLIP)

            (1998 EMMY nomination, TV Guide best doc.)                      

            PBS     Susan Steinberg,  producer/director,   Susan Lacy,  exec. prod.  


        With God on Our Side: The Religious Right in American Politics   (CLIP)

            (#86 of Rolling Stone’s 101 reasons to have owned a TV in 1996)

            PBS    Episodes 3 & 4 of 6.  Cal Skaggs,  exec. prod.,  David Van Taylor,  prod.

        Frontline: Clinton Takes Over

            PBS   Michael Kirk, prod./director, David Fanning,  exec. prod.

        City Arts/Egg, The Arts Show   (CLIPS)


            WNET 13    Segments for a show previewing cultural goings-on about town

            Jeff Folmsbee,  producer,    Glen DuBose,  Jac Venza,  exec.  producers


        Traps! The Musical  (CLIPS)   (Picture and Music editing)

             Scripted/Musical/Reality TV pilot about a Broadway workshop production

             with Alan Thicke, Amy Spanger

             Jeff Folmsbee, exec. prod.,  Mark Mannucci, producer, director


        Strangers With Candy  (CLIPS)

             Comedy Central series. 

             With Amy Sedaris,   Stephen Colbert,   Paul Dinello

             Kent Alterman, exec. Prod.,   Jerry Kupfer,  Michelle Armour,  producers

             Juan Campanella,  Peter Lauer,  Dan Dinello, directors

        Dream Street

             NBC series.   MGM/TV,  The Bedford Falls Company.

             with Dale Midkiff, Thomas Calabro

             Marshall Herskovitz  &  Ed Zwick,  executive producers

             Mark Rosner,  Brooke Kennedy,  and Dan Lieberstein, producers

             Jan Egleson  &  Gene Corr, directors 

       The Hand-Me-Down Kid


             with Terry O’Quinn, Martha Plimpton, Tracy Gold

             ABC Afterschool Special.   Robert Mandel, dir., Elaine Sperber, prod.


       Welcome Home, Jellybean


             CBS Schoolbreak Special. Robert Mandel, director, Cynthia A. Cherbak, producer

       God, the Universe and Hot Fudge Sundaes


             CBS Schoolbreak Special. 

             Cynthia A. Cherbak, executive producer,  Leslie Hill, director  (DGA nominee)

        The Almost Royal Family

             ABC Afterschool Special.

             with Sara Jessica Parker

             Claude Kerven, director,  Jane Startz, producer


        Cindy Eller, A Modern Fairy Tale

             ABC Afterschool Special       Joseph Feury Productions

             with Kyra Sedgwick, Pearl Baily, Jennifer Grey

             Lee Grant, director,    Joseph Feury and Milton Justice, producers

        Jacob, Have I Loved

             Wonderworks.   PBS & KCET Los Angeles     (DGA award for directing)

             with Bridget Fonda

             Victoria Hochberg,  director,  Richard Hues and Victoria Hochberg, prods.


        Same Difference

             CBS Schoolbreak Special.

             with Skeet Ulrich, Jude Ciccolella

             Stacy Cochran, director,  Susan Aaronson, Charlie Zalben, producers

        Just A Regular Kid (An AIDS Story)                 (DGA award for directing)

             ABC Afterschool Special.    Diana Kerew Productions

             with Wallace Langham

             Diana Kerew, exec. prod.,   Carol Polakoff, prod.,  Victoria Hochberg, director 



             Wonderworks.   PBS

             with Charles Dutton, Jasmin Guy

             Gilbert Moses, director,  Peggy Zapple, producer

        Tattle: When to Tell on a Friend

             ABC Afterschool Special

             with Katherine Ross

             Gabrielle Beaumont, director,  Carol Polakoff, producer

        Read Between the Lines

             ABC Weekend Special

             with the Harlem Globetrotters

             Nell Cox, director,  Bonnie dry, Jack Briggs, producers

         This Week Has 7 Days  (CLIPS)

              Fox pilot        TV news magazine parody

              with Lizz Winstead,  Brian Unger,  A. Whitney Brown

              Lizz Winstead, Brian Unger, producers, Robert Small, executive producer


        TV Nation  (CLIP)

            Fox Network "news" magazine; 

            Michael Moore, exec. producer,  Kathleen Glynn, producer,

            Jerry Kupfer,  supervising producer      (‘94 EMMY winner, ‘95 EMMY nom.)

Motion Picture Editors Guild Local 700/BFA NYU Film/TV

American Cinema Editors